Unison U Magazine crossword error

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gen2 | 00:03 Fri 26th Jan 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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This magazine has reprinted the crossword grid from the previous issue by mistake. Their website does not say the competition entry is void so anyone intending to submit their entry will have to download the correct version as a pdf file from here:- sword.pdf

They don't make any other comment about it so presumably they are depending on everyone visiting the site to get the correction.


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I don't get the magazine but have downloaded the crossword (be careful as only part of it has come up as a URL and the rest is on the line below)
My question is this. If I solve it where do i send it?

With thanks
Thank you for the info, Gen 2. I noticed the error last evening, and have just typed a note to Unison, and will
not post it now.
However, I have clicked on the address, as given in your posting, but as it is split into two lines, it does not work, but I will try again (in longhand!!!!)
Christiana - There are three different grids in the magazine, all to be completed for the competition, so this one grid will not help you.
thanks for that, gen2. I have just come on here now to see if anyone has any idea what has happened to Unison crossword. Not the first time a mistake has been made so I have not bothered to do it for a while.
Will go in on web site and print off..
Thanks again for finding out.
Good luck with it.
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This link should work: sword.pdf

Hi Christiana, As NILYA says, that download is only one third of the competion. Unfortunately, the magazine is only for Unison members and their families.
Hello, Gen2
I have now downloaded, and completed the grid, and have just looked at the crossword sub-section, to find that this question was raised last week.
As has been mentioned before, it is very confusing to find some answers in Q & P, and others in the CSS.
I now realise that I will have to look at both each time.
Thanks again for your help.

Thanks for the info, NILYA and Gen2. Will just do the part I have for fun, in that case.

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Unison U Magazine crossword error

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