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patsyann | 15:25 Wed 24th Jan 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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27 across. Avoiding South island-tiger on the loose,with distinctive stripes. (4 -6)R?n? T???e?. I think it is ring tailed but cannot work out why?
26 down. one retired,retreating from a jackal.(4) ???b
5 down about to be restrained mounting a camel.(4)
These answers will complete my puzzle.Would appreciate help.


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27a, ring tailed anagram of tiger + island without the s for south.
27a Ring Tailed . . . . anag 'island tiger', without 'S'
5d oont - on = about - with 'to' restraining it - mounting = upwards.
oont dieb
Where did you find "dieb", Muffet? I searched all combinations of "bed" backwards with an "i" (and an "a").
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I was just going to ask the same question cannot find it anywhere.
It's in Chambers.
Question Author
Thank you all for helping.Would never have solved the jackal question as I don't have a Chambers dictionary.
Patsyann, if you do any crosswords that use slightly obscure words you really ought to think about getting a copy of Chambers. All the major serious compilers use it, and I think it's fair to say that unless you're told otherwise (proper names etc) all answers can be found in it.

Treat yourself! It will transform your crosswording experience!
Another book you might find useful (It also gives dieb) is Bradford's Crossword Solvers Dictionary.
ISBN 0-00-716922-1
Mine is the 5th edition 2003 and cost �10.99

The Chambers Dictionary - 10th edition 2006
ISBN 0-550-10185-3 �35.00
Hi, KD, do you mean "book" as in cardboard, paper & ink???

I couldn't find "dieb" in Chambers Reference Online.
Thank you, Kettledrum, for your answer to 5d - oont.
It was my last unsolved clue.
However, I am wondering how it relates to a camel, or am I missing something??
As a matter of interest to others, I found dieb in onelookdictionary, then Googled 'dieb>jackal' , and the first answer confirmed it.
Phil, I mean book like you buy at a bookshop - or probably cheaper on Amazon.
I can't recommend the actual physical dictionary - cardboard, paper and ink ! - highly enough. It really is essential kit for the serious crossword solver.
Nilya, Chambers definition: in India, a camel.

It also is mentioned under camel in Bradford's Crossword Solvers Dictionary.
Thank you, Kettledrum. Since my question, I have Googled
'oonts', and found it in a poem by Rudyard Kipling. It also appears in ''. Thanks again.
Obviously, I didn't go far enough!! I have now just found it in the Collins English Dictionary I have loaded in my computer!!!

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saga Crossword Feb 2007.

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