my weekly cryptic c/word. jan.20th

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allotment10 | 18:51 Sat 20th Jan 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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page 57.

am stuck on
24 across - clue - two apartments said to be unhealthy - 9 letters - have ??e???t?c
20 across - clue - she made notes about back of pub - 5 letters - have ??n?e
17 down - clue - cross with ivy said to be a teenager - 8 letters - have ?????e?n
20 down - clue - able seaman promoted - 7 letters - have ????r?l

i'm not good with these cryptic clues (do keep trying though) but am really stuck on these last few, any help gratefully recieved.


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24 ac. Rheumatic (said room+attic)
20 ac. Annie (A and E about Inn backwards)
20 dn. Admiral? not certain why.
Have you any more letters in 17 down?
Question Author
the A in Annie and the M in rheumatic has given me the admiral what you have just sent , have ???r?e?n for 17 down, i might be wrong with the e ,

kay stupid to listen to lilting rhthym, i have got -cadence - the last e bieng the one in 17 down.
the second letter could be either e or o

so maybe
?e?r??n - or - ?o?r ??n
?e?r?e?n - or -?o?r?e?n

Question Author
20 across - teams who turn and stall - 8 letters - have s?d?s???, am presuming its either side step or side show which gives the second letter for 17 down, (7th letter e or o )
Your cadence is right. I think the other one is sideshow (stall). which gives ?O?R?E?N and fourteen fits in (teenager), but I can't see the cross and ivy connection. I will get back to you if I find it. Good Luck!
admiral fits last one but I can't see why?
Question Author
well, to be honest i don't understand how hardly any of the answers fit the clues! i can't get these cryptic things even though i keep trying! if it wasn't for you lot on AB i'd give it up as a bad job!

argee, will go with the fourteen , you are a star, thank you all for your help
x lottie.
Try posting the 17 down clue again. Kayakamina might get it.
Question Author
ok argee, thanks again
x lottie.

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my weekly cryptic c/word. jan.20th

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