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gen2 | 17:45 Sat 16th Dec 2006 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Yesterday, I forwarded to MM's family, a link to the tributes that were posted here yesterday. ( zles/Question335445.html ). This is the reply I received today:
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Thanks so much for getting this link to us, my Sister and I have just been reading through all the posts and it means so much to us all. I will be printing them off so my Mother can have a look at them to.

None of us know which way to turn at the moment but I can assure you that I will be posting a message thanking everyone for there kind messages.

Bless you all

Robert Mepham


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That was really good of you - I wouldn't have known how to do it. I have enjoyed his xwords for years and will miss him.
Jolly thoughtful of you gen2 ...I hope it brings some comfort to them that he was greatly admired.
Thank you for doing that on our behalf Gen2. I hope the family can take some comfort from them.
Thank you gen2, perhaps you would also be kind enough to forward todays Herculis link words tributes in due course.
Nice thought gen2 . Sure his family will appreciate this from all the followers that he had on this site ( and other papers I imagine ) .Thanks.
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Certainly sarumite. Probably best to wait until after Monday.
Thank you gen2, attached easy access to thread .... zles/Question335817.html
That was so kind of you gen2....and the reply you got was so moving. I am so glad they have seen our responses to the sad news...thanks again gen2.
I too am shocked and very saddened to learn of Michael's death. Also feeling guilty for adding my occasional twopenneth to criticism of his clues. Just hope the additional stress we may have caused him was not contributory. Have tried on occasion to compile a simple crossword of my own and appreciate just how difficult it is. His puzzles gave me hours of educational fun and I will miss him. Sincere condolences to his wife and family.
Thanks for doing that Gen 2. It was very touching to see the reply from Robert Mepham and to feel that, small though it is, we have reached out to them at this sad time.
i didn't know until just a few minutes ago (saturday night). it feels as if we have lost an irreplaceable member of the AB family. can anyone replace him? i doubt it.
Re MM. And the things I didn't say in the previous post. As I mentioned, I didn't know until tonight. Personally, although we never met, I feel as if I have lost a friend. We corresponded via e-mail several times and he was never less than wonderfully civil. It was obvious that this was one helluva nice guy. I'd think I speak for everyone in saying that we all looked forward to Saturdays and the GK xword. I would get the paper, then a cuppa, and settle down to match wits with the master. It was never less than fun. Even more to the point, tho (and I speak as a well-travelled journo), was that I reckon I learned more from MM over the years via his xwords than I'd ever have thought possible. All those exotic things he challenged us with. He added enormously to my education, and for that I'll always be grateful. I'd love to know exactly how he did it. Isn't it time we had a biography of Michael? After all, far lesser people have had one. As I type this, I'm raising a glass to the memory of a remarkably guy. Thanks, mate.
Good job gen2. I suggested yesterday we somehow pass our sympathies on and like magic you did it Thank you!!
How incredibly thoughtful of Gen2, and how clever to have found out how to send a tribute in which we all share. Thank you

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