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LynneEmb | 23:32 Tue 12th Dec 2006 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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1. If you gave an "amende honorable" what would you have done?
2. What do you call someone who races pigeons?
3. Name the horse Princess Anne completed in the Olympics on?
4. Who was the thief released by Pontius Pilot instead of Jesus

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Amende honorable was originally a mode of punishment in France which required the offender, stripped to his shirt, and led into a church or auditory with a torch in his hand and a rope round his neck held by the public executioner, to beg pardon on his knees of his God, his king, and his country; now used to denote a satisfactory apology or reparation.

4 Barrabus.
3) Doublet

4) Barrabas
2 Pigeon Fancier
Princess Anne participated in the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games as a member of the British team riding the Queen's horse Goodwill.
2) Fancier
Correction. Goodwill is correct, Doublet was her favourite horse.
1. Made a recantation or public apology.

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