rt 50 & 51

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rosamund911 | 13:13 Sat 09th Dec 2006 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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rt 50 23a putting valve on plant is nonsense 9
4d after changing trousers pope looks absurd 12
17d slight injury is no handicap 7
rt 51 7a rocks taken from side always just right 5
10a lost friend starts to become boring 4 could it be pall?
20a medley from mcneil 10
15a fish of henry 1, however 7
4d old gun belt handy for reforming tv actress
6d obliged to jump


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4d preposterous
23a poppycock
17d scratch

brenda blethyn
Question Author
thank you so much, i'm a beginner at cryptics so all help greatfully recieved!

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rt 50 & 51

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