Christmas dingbats

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Legolassie | 22:44 Thu 07th Dec 2006 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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These are all something to do with christmas eg carol, song, a line from a carol or song, a phrase, christmas film, festive food or whatever and all are in square boxes. The reason for telling you this is that some are in the centre, left or right hand side of the box.
Dingbat =

a) LONE (in centre of box)

b) TURKEY (left hand side of box)



d) Xmas
Portillo Woof


F) Perforated Babe

Stitch (speech bubble from stitch)
It hurts when you touch me

Banks's Original


h) this ones a bit tricky to explain but here goes

In the bottom left hand corner of the square is a symbol
I will explain it the best way I can.

A capital letter 'C' - the opening of the 'C' facing upwards
and a line top to botom through the 'C' looks like a rounded off fork.

a speech bubble from that saying "There you go, that's my Lancelot; let me have it back when you've finished with it"

I would be grateful for any help Cheers Legolassie


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The last one (h) is easy. What you describe id the Greek letter Psi. Sir Lancelot is a knight who has obviously borrowed something and promises to return it. In other words, Psi lent knight something, or as we most often write it:

Silent Night
Question Author
Thanks a billion for the answer and a brilliant explanation. Hope you have the same success with the others if possible. Cheers Legolassie
c) Looks like an INVITATION
Single White Female Would Like To Meet etc ...
.... to let off STEAM (or HOT AIR)???
In (d), I wonder if Portillo Woof is a cryptic reference to Michael Fish (the weather man)??
Question Author
Hi Crofter. I understand the invitation bit but I don't understand how hot air fits into the answer as it's all one dingbat. Cheers Legolassie
I think there is more to (c) than that crofter, It has to relate to Christmas and it is pretty long for an invitation. I think it is the theme for a Christmas film bu don't recognise which:

Single White Female Would Like To Meet Single White Male Non Smoker Good Sense Of Humour In Search Of Long Term Relationship
Question Author
Hi Crofter, the xmas Or Portillo and O are underneath each other the woof is to the right hand side. Usually this is incorporated into the answer. e.g. something something something - beside, next to etc. Portillo could be a skiing resort in Chile 'Or' = could be gold Thanks again Legolassie
(f) Holy infant so tender and mild.

(good one that)
Question Author
Gen2, I don't know how you do it. It's so easy to see when you have the answer. How about this one NIgHT this is the one that I thought was silent night as the g is silent - obviously I was wrong. Legolassie
b) Turkey leftovers :o)
c is advent
the one with the little g is midnight mass
have you done the ebony one
e) is noel noel
if you post the actual numbers I can perhaps give you some more
Question Author
Hi Smouse, Still working on Ebony I have done a little bit of research on this one and I am wondering whether its something to do with 'Evergreen Tree' although I do agree with Black something. You've been a star and I would put you on the top of my tree anytime.
Number 12 I have Christmas Box but not sure 20 Christmas Greetings? struggling with FLUE EPI^, Xmas Or Portillo and LONE. Is 9 Fairy Lights, 18 O Holy Night and 19 Rum Butter? Can you explain 29, I understand the midnight but not the mass. Cheers Legolassie
g) I think the prefix EPI indicates over or above, so if it is placed under FLUE, could it be 'down the chimney'? Grasping at straws here I'm afraid!! lol :o)
Question Author
Hi smouse. Been thinking about the flue one 48. What about upon the chimney top. EPI^ means upon, over, on, near, at before or after. Can't just remember what christmas song it is though. Cheers
Question Author
Good answer dusty.
12 I've got christmas wrapping (rap for knock in noel?)
20 waiting for christmas? just to giv eyou another thought to work on

g for mass
will someone tell me what the sign ^ stands for as that must have some significance to the flue epi one
then it coult be something like way up on the chimney top
is EPI short for epistle i.e. letters?

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Christmas dingbats

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