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hairygrape | 16:01 Sun 03rd Dec 2006 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Could I have a majority opinion on 54a please. Is it Gyron or Giron? I've found both spellings on the Internet.

Thanks in advance.


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I have Gyron
same here - gYron
Chambers give both spellings so I would have thought they will accept either.
Question Author
Thanks all. I had seen the earlier post kayakamina but Aperio's post caused me to reconsider.

Also, Collins Dictionary which MM sometimes uses defines gyron as "a variant spelling of giron".

For some strange reason, Chambers online at: res/chref/

fails to bring up a definition of either spelling, which complicated matters further until I checked in my book version of the dictionary.

All the same, as you say JimJools, they should accept either.

Thanks again.
Does it really matter that much? Make a decision and move on.
Question Author
When there's 250 quid at stake, I'm looking for the most likely correct answer. It's as simple as that.

Spontaneity is not something that comes easy to a crossword solver. I take it you don't do many yourself?
Well said hairygrape.

It would be best if those AB'ers who are just passing through Q and P would keep their comments to themselves unless they know what their talking about.

Making a snap decision on an answer without thought is a sure way of submitting an incorrect grid. Q and P is littered with questions of the same type as hairygrape asked with the questioner providing similar logic in asking the questions and providing reasoning as to why they doubt obvious answers. So there's nothing unusual in what hairygrape has done or the way he/she has done it.

The cynical might say that there's little chance of winning but AB'ers do win as they have shown time and time again on Q and P. But one things for sure Pangolin - you don't stand a chance of winning unless you've got the right answer.

So I'm afraid pangolin, I agree with hairygrape in that you're not a crossword fan.

hairygrape, what' really at stake is not 250 quid, but the cost of a stamp!
Question Author
Nah, you're way off the mark there Aquagility. The cost of the stamp has got nothing to do with it - I use the office franking machine paid for by the good old british taxpayer.

See, I'm back at the 250 quid again.
Well, that figures.

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