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sjs | 12:21 Sun 01st Oct 2006 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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hi can anyone help with the following algabraic equations.It's for my son's homework and my algabra is a bit rusty.Any help would be appreciated.
Simplying the following equations

i) n^2 divided by n

ii) 24p^7 divided 8p^3


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i) n squared divided by n
n x n /n =?

n x n
------ =? that cancels out to = n
answer n

ii)24P^7 divided by 8P^3

When powers are part of a multiplication they are subject to addition so,

24P^7 = 24xP^7 divided by 8p^3=8xP^3. As the base of the powers are = eg P=P then the powers are subject to (in this case )subtraction
Multiply = addition, Division = subtraction.
24xP^4 divided by 8xP^0 (Px^0 = 1)
Therefore 24x P^4 is divided by 8x1
Therefore24xP^4 is divided by 8
Ans = 3P^4
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thanks so much linlam

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