It's the same but a different way of putting it

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feebee102 | 16:36 Wed 27th Sep 2006 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Need help with the last few answers on a local charity quiz.All answers are a different way of putting the question eg. Bill give me the facts ....Williams Tell, Furious Bovine .... Raging bull.
So far all the answers I seem to have are either Films,books,plays ,TV programmes or songs.

8. they have all gone now
13. decimalpoint
29. difficult time when the moon is out
33. wheres that tiny girl go to these days
36. The lemonade on the shelf above all the other bottles
38. Longing for company on holiday
39.Cold winds
43. They take it but can we have it back soon
47. Existing state of affairs
48. Heavy balloon
54. Feel good about the city

The quiz has to be in by Friday.
All help would be greatfully received.

Cheers Feebee


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29. Hard Day's Night (?)
38. Wish You Were Here
36 ) Top of the Pops
47 ) Status Quo if groups are allowed
48 ) Led Zepplin
39: Artic Blast by Don Pendleton ?
Question Author
Hi thanks for all your answers so far.I thinks 39. could be Eastenders !.
Keep trying, I think you are all geniuses.
43. The Borrowers ?
8. The Good Old Days ?

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It's the same but a different way of putting it

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