saga crossword october 2006

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crossword | 13:17 Wed 27th Sep 2006 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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can any help me get started on the saga crossword please
25 across unvaringly the doctor takes his gin undiluted apparently 9 letters ??n?????c
9across 9 letters Hindu goddess's bad karma incorporated in multicoloured decoration
5 down 5and 6 letters MUsician and sultan go morris dancing L?U?S/?R?S?????
Thank you (for now)


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25a Monotonic = MO +No tonic
5d Louis Armstrong (anag)
9a is KALAMKARI (Hindu goddesss = KALI + anagram of KARMA)

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Thanks for your help I had one wrong so I would have been here all day!! I had tread instead of skate!!
I am left with just 4 now
14 across 6 letters Work with boxer leads to new challenge
3 down 7 letters Strain, its said is caused by drink
23 down 5 letters More tense in audition? the solution's concentration T?T??
11 across 5 letters on old unit of weight-it's round about a pound T?C?L
14a Oppugn = Op + pug + n
Titre = Sounds like tighter
11a Tical = it (reverse) +ca (circa) + L (pound)
3d Philtre = sounds like filter (strain)
Question Author
Thank you Aquariel and Crofter for you help I can now relax I have been trying to do this crossword for three days now and without your help I would be lost!!

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saga crossword october 2006

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