Indy Weekend 566

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ulysses100 | 16:50 Mon 01st May 2006 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I've solved the grid and worked out the extra letters to say that it's a clue but am going round in circles in trying to find the right letters in the grid. Any hints ?


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MN:RUGBY -- I've gone back to it time and time again and still get nowhere ! The extra letters spell out "The shaded squares are a clue" : I've tried all the letters of "a clue" and "clue" but there are too many in the grid ; I've looked for 29 letter length clues ( plus 2 for AL, the setter) and seeing if they are hidden in the grid but to no avail.I've gone backwards and forwards, and up and down through the grid looking for a good combination, but again nothing At the moment I have run out of ideas -- no doubt when we get the answer we'll both say "Doh" ! Let me know if you have any further thoughts
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I suggest you look at the various meanings of the word "clue" in Chambers. Good luck!
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Thankyou Telberts 42 for the "clue" ! I can find 14 letters that thread together but then hit a brick wall (or a dead end ?). The only work I can find by that name is a musical piece by Lindahl. There are no classical links that I can find in the grid that relate to any characters in the myth. This is a really devious crossword this time.


Try Googling the 14 letters you have found in inverted commas. The answer should be on the first page of results.

The "penny-dropping moment" I had last night will live with me forever. (Especiallyafter a full week of hair-tearing). Tel

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Hello again Telberts 42 ___ I had googled ITL and had searched through so many pages, but having retried --- as you say, at last, EUREKA !!!!! It took a while to link the title with the surname, and then suddenly it's there . Thankyou again ! I hope you win.........
Thanks. I'll race you to the post-box!

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Indy Weekend 566

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