Sunday Times 4166

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MagsE | 18:01 Sun 02nd Apr 2006 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Clever people - please help me finish this so that I can go and do something more useful - if less mentally satisfying!

9a. Ill-starred buisnessmen; I get traders but can't see why.

13a Quietly associate with a priest. (Quietly going mad on this one!)

25a Yet he still plays Shylock? - I get enabler or enactor - dunno why again!

And finally folks - 14d A relation up the creek is one who repels. I have --i-n---r and no idea where this one is going.


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14d ) Alienator

Anagram of A Relation

9a ) Traders

Anagram of Starred

How many letters for 13a
Question Author

13a has 7 letters


13a Prelate

25a Exactor

13a Prelate

Prelate p quietly relate associate prelate some form of priest

Try Exactor one who exacts as in a pound of flesh (ex actor one who once played Shylock in Merchant of Venice?)

Question Author

Thank you everybody; it's obvious when you see it, isn't it?!

Tidying up the kitchen it is then!!


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Sunday Times 4166

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