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walnut | 14:11 Sat 25th Mar 2006 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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4 down. old term for garden picks or hoes. c-b-i-s


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I would hardly think so Sheneystar2 . Too many letters for a start ...and if you think I am going to change my username yet again you are very much mistaken. I am reporting you as an imposter to the ABED. What you people get out of impersonating others usernames is beyond me.

I am sorry to hijack your postwalnut and I can't help with your question. The only other term I know for a garden hoe is a mattock.

Although I did not spot the slightly different username, I did notice that the answer was not of the usual high calibre that we all have come to expect from shaneystar2. Notice however that the colour of this username was black (not the green of someone newly joined).

About six months ago, another Crofter appeared from nowhere (spelt with a capital C), so I can understand shaney's reaction!

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