Saga magazine prize crossword - March 2006

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08012006 | 10:45 Fri 03rd Mar 2006 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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To say that I am struggling is an understatement.

Can anyone assist please with

Across: 10, 13, 16, 17, 21, 24, 25, 28

Down: 2, 5, 7, 8, 14, 15, 20, 22.

Many thanks


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You'll get more response if you actually tell us the clues...
24A = cubit
25A = lava
thats a start for you
15D = blite
7D = lentigo
8D = centripetalism
Question Author

Where on earth does Cullen the compiler get such obscure words from; eg Rokkaku, Centripetalism, Blite

Not only that, I frankly do not understand a couple of the answers which elderly has kindly provided here: eg 28a Eager to break tip off sword at induction

Thanks anyway; the puzzle has now gone into the bin.

I do feel like writing to the Saga Magazine editor to suggest he commissions less mind-blowingly-difficult puzzles in future.

Take the tip off EPEE to give EPE.
Eager is AGOG.
But I agree there is no indication to put one inside the other!

Hi 08012006,What a pity that you do not enjoy the Saga crosswords.I cannot wait for my Magazine to arrive.I always have a struggle and need help but if you find my posting of Wed 22nd March you will see that it developed into a great deal of helpful information shared with otherAnswer Bank members.I always need to work out answers to clues myself even when I have been given them.Epagogue makes sense when looked up in a Dictionary.Give it another try next month and join us in our search.

On reflection, I guess that clue does make sense, if you think of AGOG 'breaking' EPE...

Hello patsyann. I would agree with you about the postings on 22nd February. That was a good day with 22 answers, helping various ABers. I am fairly new to this, and wonder if it is possible to be able to find previous questions with the laborious scrolling back.

Hello 08012006 here's a couple more for your perusal,

21a reticle

10a fl(uid)ounce

Don' t give up trying saga crosswords!!!

<DIV>This isn't an answer, but a question - where do you get the Saga crossword from? I'd love to try it, having heard so much about it, but could someone please tell me where it comes from? My newsagent has never heard of it !


Hi, Porilo,

The Saga magazine for senior citizens (over 60's) is available by subscription only. If you log on to you will find all the information necessary to join the two million plus subscribers.

I first got interested last year by entering the crossword from a friend's magazine and won a third prize - a Bloomsbury Dictionary, so I feel I have already had my moneys worth. Good luck!

Saga magazine is for over 50s. Unfortunately I fit that category! Some while ago they ran a promotion where I got a lifetime subscription for about �80. The best �80 investment I have made!

I love the challenge of this crossword and I have to pull out all the stops to complete it. I am not too good at cryptics, but I find I can get some answers doing research on the 'net, asking people, dictionaries, crossword solver books etc.

Roll on next month.


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Saga magazine prize crossword - March 2006

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