suzi q or suzy q

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shirley xxx | 12:26 Mon 27th Feb 2006 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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mail on sunday 34 down,

spelling of ms quatro's christian name differs depending on which site visited.

anyone out there got the definitive spelling.



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Guinness British Hit Singles gives SUZI as Quatro's name.
I've always known it s Suzi as well, and thats how it appears on her records
Just to to the confusion I have also seen it spelt - Suzie.

My "definitive" test is to do a Google count!

"Suzy Quatro" appears 21,900 times!

"Suzi Quatro" appears 835,000 times!!

It's not entirely foolproof - but better than nothing

NB: has �2001-2007 Suzi Quatro and a nice picture!.

Definite enough?

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suzi q or suzy q

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