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gen2 | 13:53 Sun 19th Feb 2006 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Regarding the new puzzles in the Sunday Telegraph Seven Magazine, has anyone been able to get onto the perplexcity website? My browser keeps timing out whenever I try. Is it worth persevering with? or should I just give up now?


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I think this is the one you want

I got into it from the main Telegraph website, then clicked on 'Seven' in the menu, then put perplexcity in Search on the Seven magazine screen. I didn't have any problem getting it this way.

I got it on to it in one hit from Google gen2..but it all looks too complicated for me !
At least there is the consolation of a prize crossword in the ST.. albeit monthly.
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Thanks juliefer and shaneystar2. The site has let me on now and I can see what it is all about - money!. At a quick estimate, I reckon it will cost well over �500 to take part in. It is a variation on buying packets of football stickers at the newsagents. Here there are 256 puzzle cards to collect (and solve). Some are rarer than others. They are made up into packets of 6 and sold in groups of 4 packets for �10. You'll have to buy an awful lot before you get a complete set. No wonder they can offer a prize of �100,000 to the first person to solve it.

I don't think I'll be participating.

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