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aberdeen_ox | 14:09 Thu 26th Jan 2006 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Moderately cryptic local church quiz, for which the answers are all places in the UK. Some of them are ambiguous, obscure or pretty weak...or maybe I'm just rubbish..?!

e.g. Heavy toilet.....Luton

1. Dirty kitty
2. Repose with vegetable and reverse refusal
3. Police enquiries may follow on from here.
4. Spoil cured pork (may be Rottingham?)
5. Neither north nor south
6. Glitzy instrument
7. Stop a monarch
8. Heavy top man
9. Agree with the hanging place
10. A hill in a dock
11. Herd in a field
12. Finished a hard row
13. Safe place in single, short street
14. Smack with 23rd letter and purchase
15. Centre with winged insect
16. Own an insect

Got the other 45 or so already, but very grateful to anyone with 5 mins to spare and some fresh ideas, as I'm clean out of them! Best wishes.


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Question Author
Thanks very much indeed, but am going with Stonehaven for number 13. Grateful for you efforts all the same!

Could Kings Lynn be the other monarch one leaving you Barking available here?

Starbeck for 6? I <think> a beck is an instrument as well as other things

aberdeen_ox (a thin disguise for angus?) I think your answer for 13 St + one + haven is fine!

Did you get anything useful for Questions 5, 6, 9, 11 and 12? personally, I didn't do the Quiz but I like to know what has stumped me!

Question Author

Well, firstly I should point out it's my mother that's the brains behind this operation....

She's gone with;

5. Middlewich

6. Nothing at the moment

9. Nothing for this either, though I'm sure I had recommendations.

11. Going with Stockley for this

12. Dunfermline

So not an awful lot further forward than I was last time you posted....but thanks all the same for your interest!

I DO like your answer to Q12! I'll try to find time tonight to ponder over the others!

aberdeen_ox You may have seen it already, but I have traded off your Q12 for a Q6 = Glamorgan (good clue!)

I hope that's OK

Last night, I came up with COWES as a possibility for Q11 - but it's not a certainty by any means!
Question Author

Both good, thanks a lot!

Is there REALLY someone else on here doing the same silly little quiz, then...? No, must admit I hadn't seen it....but thanks a lot for being so proactive anyway, greatly obliged!

See bobbygill - halfway down the first page (He has two postings)

aberdeen_ox I think everything is sorted except for No 5, where I don't think that Middlewich is heavyweight enough!

There are lots of places whose name starts with "Middle", but the biggest by far is Middlesbrough! That's the one I would plump for! Cheers and good luck!

aberdeen_ox I am trying to slip you a dog breed answer through the back-door as it were.

"A wheel and a rope" would get you a "Pulley" - however the spelling is PULI

Hate to seem a killjoy but... It's fun for us testing our branes on these questions, but if, as it seems, this is some sort of local church charity quiz, this sort of outside input could guarantee to kill it stone dead in the future...

Question Author

You ARE a killjoy. We've not had a sniff of winning yet, not even close. Might have come a distant third, winning the grand sum of.....sweet Fanny Adams. And yet the quiz continues to flourish.

Sorry - but what a pointless, pointless miserable post.

Apologies, ab-ox - the comment was made, probably somewhat naively but with the best of intentions and based on a certain amount of experience - don't think it really deserved that reaction... Anyway, best of luck to the Quiz and all who sail in her...

Question Author

Well - likewise from me as well, Sir. No harm done, I'm sure. I'm sure you appreciate if my mother asks me to make use of my internet ability to find the few answers she's not got...then I'm gonna do my best to oblige!

Best wishes to you!

Please could you tell me where I can get this quiz thanks.
reply to [email protected]
6) glamorgan
11) cowley?

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