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February | 19:59 Fri 06th Jan 2006 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I have nearly finished the Sweet Tooth Quiz and am stuck on the following, any help appreciated, I have searched for these for ages but no luck.


From Naples

Small Glass Ball

Devil Worship

Grain Caine

To Raise Morale

Coco Spirits

Late Year Blend

Yorkshire Bun

Sugar or Honey, Nuts & Egg White

Delights in

Palm Fungus


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(numbers might be useful) Naples = Neapolitan, raise morale = Boost
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Added Q. Nos, thanks Mike for those

49 Small Glass Ball

55 Devil Worship

64 Grain Caine

77 Coco Spirits

86 Late Year Blend

89 Yorkshire Bun

92 Sugar or Honey, Nuts & Egg White

99 Delights in

100 Palm Fungus

89) Pontefract Cake

100) Coconut Mushroom

92) Nougat

49) Marble
64) Barley Sugar
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Thanks Valerie,
86. Winter Mixture?
99 Revels
55 Devil worship BLACK MAGIC

February, have you got answer to No 90, Extra large or long?

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Pebbles - No 90 I have put Mars but not sure if thats right.

Thanks everyone for the speedy response with answers.

palm fungus=- cocoumut mushrooms

coc spirits= chocolate liquers

small glass ball = Marbles

No 77......Chocolate liqueurs...........

February, what do you have for No 51? We have "one by one" but never heard of them....a guess.

Clue is Single file ..........3,2,3

Question Author

I also have one by one for No 51, they are the new Toblerone chocolates

Question Author
No 38 Horse Laugh (7) I have put Snicker - not sure if this is right.

For your no 90) Extra Large or Long.

There is a chocolate bar called MAXI made by Kinder.

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