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seekeerz | 00:09 Sat 25th Jun 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Here are todays shaded clues for you -

54a. Bifurcations in rivers, roads or snakes tongues, tools for lifting hay, or utensils used with spoons when waiting in the silver service style. (5)

6d. A shadow, spook or spy. (5)

34d. Architect and gardener who derived his nickname from the way he would speak about the ‘capabilities, of his clients landscapes. (5)

38d. Colour of the powder traditionally used to preserve the whiteness of laundry etc (4)


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Question Author
Morning, ladies ….jury is still out on the second, I’ll get back to you :))
Hi elliemay1
Never known tension like this before !!
I know...nailbiting stuff!
Question Author
Sorry girls …..bearing in mind I’m working without a print out ….on my mobile, could be an ‘n’ as the fourth letter….any inspirations ??
Thanks Steff and good evening all. Late tonight due to Mrs. T probably still affected by 'long covid'

Could the answer to 6d, as a guess, be Agent?
Agent sounds good, especially if the 4th letter is N
Question Author
Hi twix - yes, I think so. Sorry girls, and sorry to hear Mrs twix is still suffering.
Evening all.
Back off hols now, Steff. So will have a go at cracking the clues this week.
Question Author
Hey !! The renegade returns !! I’d called out the home guard and given the St Bernard’s their marching orders !! Good to see you, good holiday ??
I’d called out the home guard and given the St Bernard’s their marching orders !!

So I've seen, Steff.

Yes had a lovely couple of weeks down in Cornwall ( lovely weather to ).
Question Author
My ‘home county’…..looks like a beautiful place

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Fao - The K M Players

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