Surnames Ireland Quiz

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glenlass | 07:36 Thu 16th Jun 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
17 Answers
4) A Celebrity (5)
(13) Don’t stand too near the ???? (4)
(15) Sounds like a couple of males (5)
(21) Santa lives in the Northern one (6)

The answer to each clue is a surname.


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4 Starr?
07:43 Thu 16th Jun 2022
13 Edge?
4 Starr?
15 iffy Allen
for 15.

21 all i can find is ...Grotto
15 Boyes?
15. I think Allen is good.
two men Al and Len
21 nortHERN ONe ...........hernon is a surname of Irish origin
well done mallyh, I would never have got that.
not sure about it though x
Yes, good Mallyh - just wondering were Santa comes in?
there's also a surname of Thepol
Hazlinny he comes in down the chimney :-)
^^ Not in our house, he don't!
21 Powell? If the 'pow' is pronounced to rhyme with 'low', sounds like 'pole'?
^^ Seems to be of Welsh origin.

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Surnames Ireland Quiz

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