The K M Links Game - June 2022 Week 1 Results

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seekeerz | 01:17 Mon 06th Jun 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - well the sun is shining but who knows for how long …still pretty breezy out there, so outside chores will just have to wait, just hoping my bulbs aren’t flattened!!

Interesting matches for the links today ….

Out Skirts
Wing Mirror
Hand Shakes
Flat Caps

The STAR TURNS came from HARAS2, LADY JO, PATSY33 & TEACHER1 who all collected three points for two correct matches, while a further 24 players picked up a point each to open their accounts …..great way to start a new month !!

This has been one of the best starts we’ve had for a while - a good third of the family are out of the club rooms, which are still a bit jaded after the Jubilee celebrations….how lovely to see Her Majesty looking so well and enjoying herself.

Congratulations to all the points scorers, hope this continues for us, till next time stay safe and take care, Cheers Steff xx


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Nowt as usual for me, I see!
nor me, nil points again... sigh.
Thanks Seekeerz. That equals my total score for the whole of last month !
If it's any consolation, my bulbs are now flattened and finished for another year :-))
Nowt as usual, oh well, I'm in good company! Thanks Seekeerz
So long losers, I’m out of here, if you find the Hob-nobs you can have them.

Well done all fellow point scorers

Thank you seekeerz Xx
Bugsy got 2 correct.
Question Author
You’re absolutely right, Butterbun so he did, and I can’t think how I missed him in the Star Turns….my apologies and all will be sorted next week !! :))
Get your act together love, what are you playing at!

:-) Xx
Question Author
I dont know, Arky …you just can’t rely on anyone these days !!!!!
Wow! I'm in shock!. I almost put out skirts as my first answer too, shucks!. :-)) Thanks Seekeerz x

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The K M Links Game - June 2022 Week 1 Results

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