St Andrews Church, Sounds Like Quiz 15 June

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Leecon | 23:01 Wed 01st Jun 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Sounds like quiz

Example: Meat(4) Sheep(3) Long for(4) = 1 word
i.e Pork Ewe Pine = Porcupine

Any help gratefully received, thank you :o)

11. Bird's mouth (4) Needed to breathe (3) Ass (4) = 2 words and I have beak/bill, air, ?

15. Be aware (4) Beauty (5) Is nosy (5) = 2 words and I have know, charm/grace, snoop but can't make a word, ,maybe something soup?

Also 25. Glare at angrily (6), Debts (4) = 1 word, I've seen on here as glower, ious = Glorious but it doesn't sound quite right ? Any other ideas?


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11. be careful
15 nobel prize
25 glorious ...glower ious
Sorry to hijack the post Leecon

Can you explain Q11 please Sam?
Beak Air Mule = Be careful
Question Author
Thank you Mally and Sam.
I've just seen that my query has crossed with Granny Grump and she had asked the same questions - great minds must think alike - or not in this case!!! :o)
Question Author
No problem Granny

11 is be careful = beak / air / fool :o)
aaah now I see thank you Leecon

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St Andrews Church, Sounds Like Quiz 15 June

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