The K M Links Game - May 2022 Week 3 Results

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seekeerz | 01:43 Mon 23rd May 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - and it’s another lovely Autumn day, sunshine and a little breeze ….just perfect, but hopefully rain later in the week.

I’m afraid rain and points are becoming two of those things I’m hopeful about but rarely turn up :((

Post Card
Stand Still
Turn Pike
White Horses

And the STAR TURN came from BRIZZER who managed three points for two correct matches…..and even these are becoming a rare breed these days.
The rest were all single points but all very useful, moving players onto or up the Leader Board….


5 points - angler57

4 points - Abi77, Arksided & Rose Maybud

3 points - brizzer, jillywiskas, rockfordill, Sam1960, & SharonA.

2 points - 6 players

1 point - 24 players

And there we have it !! Congratulations to all the lucky scorers for this week, and I hope we’ll all be back for the final week and the big wrap up ….till then, stay safe and take care, Cheers, Steff xx


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Ooh! A point! A whole point!

Where's the first aid manual? I need to look up how to treat shock!

I think that a 19th century first aid manual might be best, as I'm sure that brandy will feature among the treatments mentioned in it.
Yeah ..... Got my name on the score board : ))

Thanks Steff as always for looking after us.

Take care, stay safe ; )) xx
Question Author
Lol guys, xx
Great, the 2 month of no points is finally broken - thanks Steff :)
Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. I see buenchico has got a point this week, maybe we'll take it in turns! Thanks, Steff
oohh the Wile E. Katie is slipping away from me, still in there though best I've done in months. Space weevil is coming close to one of my guesses soon I tell ya ;-)

Well done the point scorers...

Thank you SeekeerzXx
Yay back to normal with nil points, well done to the scorers

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The K M Links Game - May 2022 Week 3 Results

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