Shelterbox - Dynamic Duos C/D25.6.22

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IrishLass50 | 19:13 Fri 20th May 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can anyone help please (clues only) with No. 19 Boy, half of 35 (6&7)

Thank you


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What was the answer to question 35 if there was one .
Question Author
Thank you Emeritus - didn’t make the connection with question 35.
Presumably we'd need the answer to No 35?
If I have it right, I think the answer to no 35 is Baddiel & Skinner. I can’t see the connection though. Could it be something like (boy) George & …….Mildred. Can’t see why but it fits!!!
pavlov and skinner?
oops clues only sorry x
Where does the Pavlov come from Mally? Or am I being stupid?
Pavlov was the man who did animal behaviour and paired up with Burrhus Skinner
most proberly wrong but all i could find ^^^^^
the word 'boy' in the clue is baffling me . . .
Question Author
Looks like one half of the duo re no 35 was part of another comedy duo (sorry if a bit confusing - clues only). Thank you all for your replies.
what is the question for 35?
Question Author
35 Sounds like a naughty fish, pelt remover
yes looks like you are right with the answer (clever clue) still can't find anything but the answer i gave ,sorry x
just found Newman and Baddiel
That sounds better Mally. I've never heard of them as a duo but it definitely fits the clue a bit better. Thank you so much.
Best answer in my book!

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Shelterbox - Dynamic Duos C/D25.6.22

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