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barry1010 | 18:37 Wed 18th May 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I've enjoyed solving these puzzles but today it is impossible. I have logged in to my account, opened the next puzzle but instead of inserting the letter of my choice into the box the word 'Unidentified' appears in all the boxes of that number. That is in Android.

On the iPad the letter is inserted but it is impossible to delete or replace any letter after I have inserted it by mistake.

Anyone else having problems today?


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Yes, I am! Thought it was just my phone, but obviously not. I really hope it sorts itself out eventually as it's frustrating. I've logged off and on again, shut down and restarted my phone, but no difference.
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Thank you so much for your reply. I have contacted RT but no reply as yet. I will post again if they do. I am currently on 73
I was on around 100-something. Crosswords are OK so I've switched to those for the time being! I wonder if we'll get a partial refund for the number of days out of the £2.99 a month?!
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I get free access as a subscriber to the magazine. It would be helpful if you email them about the problem too
Oh yes, I'd forgotten that I do too! - it's because it changed quite recently, didn't it. Anyway, good idea on the email; I'll send one now.

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