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is there some small balls after the broken leg ....
cast pearls before swine
Question Author
No, just the 4 words. The gap between leg and face is slightly wider than the others.
sorry i can't come up with anything but what i suggested at 21.03 ,will you let me know the answer when you get it x
Question Author
Still not got this one. I’ll send the answer if they publish it in a month’s time. Thank you for trying.
another suggestion ......pork crackling
Question Author
Maybe…. Still not sure!
Question Author
The answer to:
broken leg pig face
was - add insult to injury!

Thanks for trying.
thanks for letting us know .would never have got that x
That's brilliant, thanks V1!
Might have been a bit easier if there had been a + sign after 'broken leg' but I still don't think I would have got it!

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