Cancer Research From Field And Garden (Closes 31St July )

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galasalmon | 13:48 Mon 16th May 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Needing help please
3/ Continental shoots ( 8,6)
5/ Sounds like a taxi from long ago ( 7)
6/ Sounds like a car failed it’s MOT ( 6)
9/ Digging tool but best eaten ( 6)
19/ An even quick cut perhaps ( 7)
22/ Shakespearien character for jam (6)
Most answers are anagrams within the question
Thank you.


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3 brussel sprouts
3 Brussels Sprout (s)
5 Cabbage
6 car rot?

22 Quince
22 quince?
19 parsnip
9 spud if 4
mallyh, spud for tool, answer will be potato for 6 letters.
oh yes :-) x
Question Author
Thanks but I have potato for 21 clue
The top oat is one of our staples (6) .
A vague suggestion - tool could be trowel and anagram of that is wortle which is a type of carrot but not really an everyday word.
Agree whatever the spelling wortel or wortle - not something we ask for in the supermarket on a daily basis!

For TheWinner.

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Cancer Research From Field And Garden (Closes 31St July )

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