Lincs& Notts Ambucopt C_/D 30Th June

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owllady | 13:45 Sun 15th May 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Answers are films with colours in the titles

4) Semiprecious stone and flier
6) Long for precious metal
14) His theme is played and a zither
17) Angry water
23) S.ounds like a sweet treat

Thanks for any help


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Zorba the greek?
23 chocolat or brighton rock ?
17 Crimson Tide
14 The adventures of Harry Lime (sequel to the Third Man)
Forget That - was a radio programme!
6. Lust For Gold
Question Author
Thank you all for the help just want no. 2
What is no 2?
What's the clue for number 2?
Question Author
Sorry should read no.4 Semi precious and flier.

You also need number 14!
14 i suggested Zorba the greek
That doesn't have a colour in the title though, Mallyh!
oh sorry didn't see that x
4 Jet?
*Jet Pilot
14. Gladiator
Colour Edmund ?

Oops forgot that bit !!
Are you absolutely sure they have to be films with a colour in the title?
Can they be characters eg Harry Lime?

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Lincs& Notts Ambucopt C_/D 30Th June

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