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seekeerz | 00:17 Sat 07th May 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Here are todays shaded clues for you -

36a. Related to the Icelandic word meaning ‘to sparkle’ a word for luminosity or phosphorescence, the rosiness of a healthy complexion or a feeling of warmth or wellbeing (4)

46a. Describing beat, cadence flow or tempo in music or a harmonious sequence of colours or elements in art, one of the longest words in the English dictionary without vowels. (6)

25d. Dangling loop with which to steady oneself on a bus/train, bracelet for securing a wristwatch, slang word for a barber or a credit for liquor (5)

55d. Forename of the author of Keeping up Appearances, The Tower of Trezibond and What Not (4)


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Thanks Steff and good evening all. 36a. Glow 46a. Rhythm 25d. Strap 55d. Rose
00:20 Sat 07th May 2022
I give up!!
Thanks Steff and good evening all.

36a. Glow

46a. Rhythm

25d. Strap

55d. Rose
LOL ^^^^
That was for haras ^^^^
Question Author
Oh dear, haras, don’t do that !!

Morning all and well done, twix …you just pipped Ellie …tricky little bunch xx
Thanks Tony!
Hard to concentrate at this time of night:-))
It was the last one that held me up! Well done twix!
Sorry Seekeerz :-))
Thanks Steff. Many is the time that I've 'strap hanged' on the London Underground !

I hope that all is well with you, and that you've had enough rain to satisfy your garden, but not too much to flood you out of house and home ;-)
Question Author
All good down here, thanks ….we’ve had some rain but not enough to say the season has opened, the eastern states have had an over abundance but little is coming our way.

Glad I don’t live there, areas get flooded on a regular basis :(
I thought I had it sorted but couldn't grasp the 'strap'.
Thanks for letting us know. I never use this kind of player. But anyway, glad to know more about it. LOL!

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