Water Aid Animals Accomplices/Perfect Pets C/D 30/05

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Peasblossom | 10:48 Thu 05th May 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Really struggling with this quiz any help gratefully appreciated

31 Her notes and his diaries led to a book published in 1960 and inspired an Academy Award winning movie (6,3,3,7,3,4,3,7)
38 A King's exiled daughter sold into marriage and her 3 "children." (8,9,6,7,3,8)
41 Together they battle both the elements and criminals during the 1890's gold rush (8,5,7,3,5,4)

Thanks in advance


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might 31 end with Ben Travers as in Born Free?
Born Free the book was published in 1960.
And she was called Joy Adamson.
Carrying on from previous comments -George and Joy Adamson ?and
Elsa the Lioness.
Yep. My mistake. George not Ben. Think his son might be called Ben and he runs the Born Free Foundation.
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Thank you so much Paigntonian and Hazlinny
One of my favourite films
38. No idea how this would fit with the title of quiz but letters fit!
Princess Elizabeth (of Bohemia), Sophie, Rupert and Frederick.
41. ?from the film White Fang - last three words ? and White Fang.
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Thank you Hazelinny I thought of white fang so shall have to look harder lol
Tuvok -brilliant answer. His first name was Frank.
Once you watch/listen to a Ray Stevens you can’t stop!
I have White Fang as part of another answer, but toyed with it for 41.
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Thank you Tuvok would never have got it.

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Water Aid Animals Accomplices/Perfect Pets C/D 30/05

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