The K M Links Game - April 2022 Week 5 And Final Results

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seekeerz | 00:56 Mon 02nd May 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - rather dismal here today, overcast but no rain around, but so far it’s not windy either, which is a blessing.

A bit dismal on the links scene too, especially where points are concerned …

Foot Lights
Yellow Fin
Salad Dressing
Chip Shop

A total of 9 points distributed, the bulk (3) going to TWIX123 for his Foot Lights which earned the two Bonus points, plus 6 players who gained a point each for their matches…all in all, a very quiet round.

Congratulations to all the points scorers for this month, it’s been hard to score but almost all have managed to escape the clutches of the club rooms and live to fight another day ….


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Salad dressing?

Chip shop?

Not only are you showing that I've got 'em all wrong yet again, Steff, but you're making me hungry as well!

Doh, null points for me ( again ).
Open a bottle to drown your sorrows then, Tony.

Oh hang on though. It's Tony I'm talking to, late on a bank holiday weekend night. I'd better make that "open yet another bottle" ;-)
Zip for me as well : ((

But if that's somebody opening a bottle ....... ; ))
Question Author
The LEADER BOARD for the month of April

11 points - twix123

5 points -Candice Marie, elliemay1, roslyn251254, & scorpiojo.

4 points - Fibonacci.

3 points - Lysander, Magyar, MargoTester, modeste & tearinghair.

2 points - aelmpvw, abi77, angler57, Arksided, brizzer, Buenchico, Bugsy, Chiefpanda, cliffyg, dannyk13, Glarus, Haras2, hazlinny, jollyroger66, murraymints, John, Rose Maybud, seekeerz, toaster & wickedtongue.

1 point - anikomo, CricDram, emmie, Elspeth, cashier, JJ109, Johnny.5, Mags, Mozz71, Muzz, Lozzy, owllady, Patsy33, rockfordill, Sam1960, SharonA, ShazzaH, & Chris, teacher1, & tonyav.

Again, congratulations to everyone, especially our winner, twix….grabbing a couple of batches of bones points makes it a lot easier !!

Next week brings a new month and the chance to do it all again, till then, stay safe and take care, Cheers Steff xx

I've just opened a bottle of Mehala, Sam:

When can you get here?

Question Author
Typical !! The men start the party while the women do all the work !! Where’s mine ??
BuenchicoOpen a bottle to drown your sorrows then, Tony.

Good idea, Chris.

Thanks Steff.
Well done twix. Thanks Steff as always for looking after us ; )) xx
Right then, cheers to Chris, Sam and especially Steff.
Ooh! TWO whole points! (I can only remember scoring one but I ain't complainin'!).

Thanks for all your efforts, Steff. I hope that all is well for you down under.

Oh, hang on a moment. That sounds like a gynaecological enquiry! Oh well, I'm sure that you know what I mean really ;-)
>>> Where’s mine ??

In the Barossa Valley, maybe?

(I drank a superb white wine at a vineyard in the Barossa Valley and carefully transported a bottle of it back to the UK. It didn't taste anywhere near as good in Sheffield as it did in Oz though!)
It should be me drowning my sorrows - no points in a whole month!
Nil points for me this month. Another month locked in the room. oh well...
I think there must be some mistake, again...
as I don't seem to have any points Steff x
Thanks Steff, especially for all your hard work maintaining the scoreboard each week.
11 points is almost my normal score over the whole year. A couple of bonus weeks certainly helped, together with the single point every other week. I'll probably retire to the clubroom with a dustpan and brush for the next few months ;-))
Question Author
Now, now twix - no false modesty !! You played a beauty !!

Hi Patsy, I didn’t forget you, you’re on the board.

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The K M Links Game - April 2022 Week 5 And Final Results

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