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seekeerz | 00:13 Sat 23rd Apr 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Here are todays shaded clues for you -

32a. Word derived from the Old English meaning ‘journey on horseback’ for a highway. (4)

40a. From the Latin meaning ‘to see’ a prospect or sight of something such as open countryside or other natural scenery, or a work of art or photograph depicting such. (4)

46d. Part of a garment known in the 16th and 17th centuries as a band. (6)

57d. Word used since the Middle Ages to describe an overcast sky. (4)


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road view collar grey
00:18 Sat 23rd Apr 2022
ride view collar hazy
Question Author
Morning ladies and well done, Ellie :))
Question Author
Oh heck, now I’m confused, I haven’t worked any of them out
Are you sure about 'hazy'?
I don't think 'hazy' is correct thus the ?
You're right Chris, well done! Steff, please give Chris BA
Oh dear, is 'ride' wrong also?
Thanks Steff and good evening all.

Well done anyone who got the answers correct as I'm stumped, although I would concur with:

As for the last one, we need to see the checking letters to guess the correct answer!
Well done Chris, hope that makes up for your disappointing night out!
Question Author
Ok I’ve looked at the grid and grey is good for 57d, and ‘road’ looks ok for 32a so well done Chris esp for the research :))
That was difficult ce soir!
Thanks, Steff.

Oddly, it was 40a that initially caught me out, as (apart from the letter count) 'vista' seemed to fit. So I was thinking for a while that you'd made a typo on the count!
Well done Buenchico!
So something to smile about on your Friday night "out" !
Thank you, Haras2.

I finally got a decent pizza, even if I did have to heat it in my own oven. Annoyingly though, now that I've found a product that I really like, I see that the packaging says 'limited edition' on it, meaning that the Co-op will probably cease stocking it very soon.
That's just my luck these days!

Question Author
Welcome to the world of retailing/marketing, Chris !! Doesn’t matter what the product is, once people are hooked, it disappears !! Damn and blast them !!
Yup, that's definitely the way of things, Steff. Every time I go into the café of the supermarket where I do my shopping, and then try to order my favourite dish there, it always seems to have been discontinued :(

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