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Quizzer45 | 09:12 Wed 20th Apr 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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All the answers relate to love/marriage in some way.
Answers include titles of books, films and songs as well as general phrases and puns.

1) Loveable seat coverings (6,2,7)
2) What's yellow and fighting, we hear? (7,6)
3) Mr Right? (3,6,2,1,7,6)
4) Let's live together (5,4,2)

Thanks for any assitance


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3 The Answer To A Maiden's Prayer
19:45 Wed 20th Apr 2022
4 Abide with me
1 throws of passion?
Mally , shouldn't that be throes ?
i thought it might be a sounds like, as the video is throws of passion
and a throw is put on a sofa ,chair etc
2 all i can think of is passion fruits ?
2 custody battle ...sounds like custardy
please someone answer no 3 before my brain explodes from googling lol :-)
Question Author
Many thanks Rosieandjim, Danny & Mallyh for your help.

I think no3 given the number of words may be a title of a book, film or song but can't find anything which fits.

3. If you can't get it mallyh there's little hope for the rest of us!
The smaller words are probably The/of/a. I keep thinking the 7 letter word might be 'perfect'
or high and tight
Or high or tight mally? How does that fit?
sorry that was for the haircut thread i did put an apology on but it isn't showing x
3 The Answer To A Maiden's Prayer

Edmund you hero xx
OMG Edmund you are a star!
Question Author
Thanks Edmund
Your the answer to this maiden's prayer
no wonder we couldn't get it! EdmundD well done you.
Thank you all for the plaudits !!
EdmundD, we all try hard, but when someone solves a hard clue, we always give credit where it's due. Today it was you.

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