Hints Please. Rainbow Quiz. Ends 31/05/2022

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rccatnap | 11:36 Sat 02nd Apr 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Hints please. All Creatures Great and Small.
47. Animals that are always found sobbing convulsively. (8)
77. Video ref in Dakar bust-up that is typically seen in Africa. (8)
78. An island doctor not fit to name a primate. (8)
82. Musical group with a highly explosive young animal. (6. 6.)


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77 starts with a double a.
78 starts with an island that's part of the UK
Question Author
Thank you douglas9401. If that's the case, then I'll have to rethink No. 17.
Question Author
Thank you Prudie. I have quite a few to pick from!
Not really if I say it's not a Scottish one:-)
Question Author
That's a relief Prudie. Thank you.
47. Check for an anagram
82 Nuclear cat
17 is a Giant version - the river is the Tamar
The actual answer I had to look up as I had never heard of it
Question Author
47. I thought I had Hazlinny, but obviously not. Many thanks.
19. 82. Thank you jj109. They make sense now. I had to look it up too.
Question Author
jj109, I meant 17. not 19.
Question Author
Thank you Prudie, I didn't have far to look in the Irish sea.
47 anagram of sobbing
Question Author
Yes I did get it elliemay1 thank you, but I was only asking for a hint.
All done now.
Sorry I misunderstood your reply to Hazlinny @ 13.01
Question Author
No need to apologise elliemay1, I'm pleased you took the trouble to answer.
47 is 7 letters not 8
Question Author
Thank you wiggers99, I had worked that out, but appreciate your input.

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Hints Please. Rainbow Quiz. Ends 31/05/2022

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