All Creatures Great And Small Cd 31St May

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PaulW8 | 10:06 Thu 17th Mar 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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All creatures great and small CD 31st May

96, Creature is given drug during type of blood clot (6)

Just checking through my answers and not convinced on this answer, I have Cougar but could it be Jaguar.



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96 o c e lot
Ocelot- O(blood type) +e(drug)inside anagram of clot
o= blood type e= drug in clot
Question Author
Thankyou both for your prompt reply, I was way off.
There seems an obvious answer for No.100 but it is not really cryptic! Any thoughts?
Hang on maxymax, I'll just rub the crystal ball. ;0)))

How about the clue?
Sorry Captain2 it is a quarterly quiz and the theme is "all creatures great and small" The last clue is ........and finally surely you have overlooked these! (8)
You'd have to be very, very tall to overlook them Maxymax464
Hi wiggers99. That is of course what I assumed the answer is but somehow it doesn't seem quite cryptic enough! Maybe I am looking more deeply than I need to.
I'm not convinced about the suggested answer for no 100. It doesn't seem cryptic enough and doesn't quite fit the clue - surely you haven't overlooked these implies that you could do so, but in the case of a very tall animal you couldn't.
I wondered if the answer was a term meaning people but I can't think of one.
Maxymax46, I think you're right to be suspicious but it's also easy to over-think some of the answers. I agree with those who believe the answer is quite simply those rather tall creatures.

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All Creatures Great And Small Cd 31St May

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