The K M Links Game - January 2022 Week 4 Results

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seekeerz | 02:11 Mon 24th Jan 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - we had a glorious downpour over the weekend - it has eased off for a while now but there’s more to come ….needless to say, the outback is flooded and cut off in places but this rain will help our farmers immensely!!

And while not quite the same, there was a lovely rush of points for most of you ….

Open Source
Sheet Bend
Rose Bowl
Drum Beat

All the matches were found …a little surprising with the first match, but actually it was the first found and the finder received 2 Bonus points for his efforts ….yes, I’m talking about you, Buenchico !!
And the STAR TURN came from LYSANDER who gathered in 6 points for her three correct finds while points went out to a whole lot of players and some 22 managed to also find the exit amd escaped !!

So now our LEADER BOARD looks like this -

7 points - lysander

5 points - angler57, Buenchico, jollyroger66 & wickedtongue

4 points - Fibonacci & Sam1960

3 points - JJ109, Muzz, petland, Rockfordill & Chris H.

2 points - Chiefpanda, Ducksie & Patsy33.

1 point - 27players

Congratulations to all the points scorers, it’s lovely to have something to work with on a Monday morning so keep up the good vibes till next weekend when we’ll have an avalanche …I hope !! Till then, take care and stay safe, cheers, Steff xx


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Thanks ( I think ), Steff.
Hang on a moment, Steff, while I google the treatment for severe shock ;-)
Hi Steff, Highest I've been on the leader board for a while. Hope this finds you well. xx

Take care, stay safe

; ))
one point for a change, better than nowt...
Question Author
Well done, emmie - you’re one of the ‘escapees’ this week :))
Thanks Steff, I cannot believe I scraped 2 points this month :)
Goodness, I got a point, I must sit down..
I'm stuck fast propping up the bar with Bugsy. I think we'll be doing the cleaning this time round. Bah..humbug..
Ones happy with one..
Arky passes a mop handle to Butterbun, smirks and quietly leaves grasping his point.

Thank you seekeerz Xx

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The K M Links Game - January 2022 Week 4 Results

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