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lindyloo1947 | 10:25 Thu 20th Jan 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Having just received the answers to this quiz, which contains some very obscure "celebrities", I am wondering what other folk think about correct spellings, etc. The setter in this quiz does add a rider at the top of the quiz advising us to say the name rather than think of it spelt correctly and I overlooked his bad spelling of Marilyn Monroe, but expecting us to think that Lewis Hamilton spells his name as Louis is stretching the imagination too far. He even sent the answer as Louis!! I shall have to think twice before supporting such a poor speller in future - it only adds to the difficulty in solving the clues!


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What was the Hamilton clue?
Question Author
French king coupled with the musical inspired by Ron Chernow's book - the answer is given as Louis Hamilton!
I gave up trying that quiz - probably because I don't know celebrities!
I'd be surprised, and yes a little disappointed if he marked 'Lewis Hamilton' as a wrong answer. Also difficult to think that the 26 who scored 100% used the wrong first name.

I've always enjoyed these quizzes.
I know it says to say the name but "Louis", as in the French kings, is pronounced "Lewie" and not "Lewis".
Did you enter the comp and if so did you put Lewis or Louis and do you know how it was marked?
I entered and put 'Lewis', you get an email with the answers and news of the amount raised and the winners.

I don't know how many I scored.
Question Author
I entered and put Lewis, but don't know my score, so it could have been marked incorrect. I have never heard him referred to as Louis Hamilton, so can't fathom why he should spell it like that. I'm guessing spelling is not his strong point as he spelt Marilyn Monroe as Marylin Munroe. Shan't be doing any more, I think.
Shame because it may be that Lewis was accepted and maybe even the Louis on the answer sheet were a typo. From your OP I guess there were others you didnt get as you say some answers were obscure celebrities, so the fact you didnt win may not a hinged on Louis or Lewis.
Its not unusual for setters to make an error, but its the fun and supporting the charity as well as winning a prize that make'sit worthwhile.
Is there a way to email and ask weather Lewis was accepted??Hopefully one of the 26 who scored 100% will be an answerbanker and they can tell us what there answer was for this one?
He raised nearly £2000 so doubt one loss will worry him
Of course Lindy can email.

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