Towns Or Places In British Isles

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lou210621 | 19:00 Mon 17th Jan 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Solve clues. Each dash is a letter and sounds similar to a town or place.

Native of India; female monarchs
_ _ _ _ _ _ ; _ _ _ _ _ _

Hue; pale Grey sea bird with a black cap
_ _ _ _ ; _ _ _ _


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1. Indian Queens
Question Author
Fastenings to enclosures; cockney for Barnet
_ _ _ _ _ ; _ _ _ _
Please can you tell us the full name of the quiz, charity involved and closing date as per AB guidelines?
2 tintern .....tint tern
locks and hair??
2. Tintagel? (tint a gull)
Oh, well done, Mally ;-)
cant link locks and hair to a place though
gates head?
I though Barnet was Barnet Fair and rhmyning slang for hair but I have heard it used for head too I think
i thought loaf of bread was head never heard barnet for head but we live and learn x
If ii is Gateshead, "loaf of bread" is Cockney for "head" and "Barnet Fair" is "hair".

The question suggests the regular word and Cockney are reversed and then gets the Cockney wrong.
Question Author
Thanks. Never heard of Indian queens.

Could the 2nd one be something gull…?

Quiz is called andys great annual quiz closing date end feb. It’s for local church fund just a town quiz. TIA
Question Author
If you want more…..

Ancient instrument of torture; pork from a leg cut, preserved by wet or dry curing
_ _ _ _ ; _ _ _

Mally gave the answer to 2 as Tintern.

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Towns Or Places In British Isles

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