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Do we have to guess where you've been Euandrew?

Seriously though can you supply more info plwase?
"Where was I?", "Where am I am I" and, most commonly "Why did I come here?" are questions that I frequently find myself asking as I get older, Captain2 ;-)

However I suspect that Euandrew is looking for help with the Sunday Times competition:
Yes, I presumed so too, Chris.

Just thought it would be better if the OP could put some flesh on the bones to say how far, if anyway, that they have go to so far.
I might be barking at a red herring up the wrong tree but it occurs to me that the reference to an unconventional crossing that opened in 2012 might relate to

The 'intermittent noise' that's mentioned could then be coming from aircraft movements at London City Airport.

I've only spent two or three minutes looking at it though, so I might well be totally wrong!
Emirates links with Beckton Alps ski slope 2.5 miles ENE

I assume coxless pair relates to Olympic rower, but nothing jumps to mind.

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