The K M Links Game - January 2022 Week 2 Results

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seekeerz | 01:50 Mon 10th Jan 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - well we’re headed for a fairly warm week, in the upper 30s, that’s ok, just so long as the wind stays away!!
Keeping the water up to the garden will be my main activity for the next little while.

Now for the links …..oh dear, yet again ….. :((

Dust Pan
Storm Proof
Egg Wash
Race Course

No Bonus Points, but the Star Turn came from WICKEDTONGUE who collected three points for selecting two correct matches, while the other four scorers picked up a single point ….and that, my friends, was that !! Very bleak I must say.

Obviously none of us are propitiating the right gods or we’ve all lost the plot completely….. not sure which, but we’re definitely not getting it right !!

Never mind, there’s always next week, so I hope to see you then, and in the meantime stay safe, take care, Cheers, Steffxx


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Hi Seekz - no real surprises, zilch again for me.
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And in my confused/befuddles brain, I completely forgot to do a Leader Board ….

4 points - jollyroger66 & wickedtongue

1 point - 9 players

Sorry, folks, that’s it :((
Yay I got one point. At least I'm on the scoreboard this month!
One point here we go ,things can only get gooder
nil points for me too... sigh
I thought about Dust Pan, then decided 'not a chance'...
I'm one that's lost the plot completely :( ha ha ;-)
Nothing for me again. I would never have thought of any of those.
I very nearly put Horse Race... :-(
Can someone pass the mop please, I've a feeling I could be here for while.

Thank you SeekeerzXx
Can I have half a point for picking DUST to go with STORM, not PAN? Fat chance - my usual 'nul pointes'.
I changed race course to race card at the last minute!

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The K M Links Game - January 2022 Week 2 Results

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