Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Bed And Breakfast C/D 10/2/22

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crumbs6 | 22:49 Fri 07th Jan 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I am struggling with the last few questions.

3. Gardening tool William.

9. Gear French dog.

11. Male animal royal

30. TV soap in short building barrier.

Any help is appreciated.


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9 Kitchen? Kit-chien
Question Author

Thank you Captain 2 for your help, I found this quiz quite tricky!
Presumably the theme is all to do with B&B?
30 Corridor ?
11 Dog grate? Dog great
3 hotel
3 hotel .....hoe (william )tell
11 something king
11 Cooking ? cockking
Question Author
Yes Captain, B &B is the theme, answers are as near as possible to how they sound.

Thank you all for your help.
11. Buck king (booking)
11 boarder?
Can I please ask for help with
12 Eat Meadow
25 Receiver or entertainer of guests
Thank you
12 all i can think of is .....supplement....sup lea
an "ing" is a meadow!

25 radio?
ing (plural ings)

(now only in dialects) A meadow, especially a low meadow near a river; water meadow.
Ings, glens, and fens of the Highlands.
25. host ?
Thank you all. I was thinking on those lines but couldn't convince myself.

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Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Bed And Breakfast C/D 10/2/22

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