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Angleflame | 17:28 Tue 04th Jan 2022 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can you help me please, with some answers I am stuck on, thanks.

1. Sounds like this bird can be found in a watery car (cryptic)(5)

Film and Books
2.Thomas found this person hard to locate (book)(4,3,7)
3. JOY JOES OM (Author)(4,5)

TV and Radio
4. Friday Christmas fun item with Jill's friend (TV) (11)

General Knowledge
5. It's a date (7)

Sports and Games
6. Popular twelve of an age at end of match (cryptic)(6,4)

Thank you so much, very much appreciated.


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3 Jo Jo Moyes
4 Crackerjack
3 Jojo Moyes
2 Jude the obscure
2. jude the obscure
5. medjool
6.Golden Shot?
iffy ...chena hen in sia(sea) .....chena timberland in a tropical region
Question Author
Thank you all very much

Mallyh, I don't understand your answer at all, sorry

Spicerack, Where does the twelve come into it? The Golden Shot was a TV programme. Thanks.
Sports etc

Is there a question twelve? If so maybe the answer to that could be useful.
6 injury time?
Perfect Toorak!
a sia is a car sounds like sea (watery)with hen in
and c a sounds like sia^^^^
1. my offer is (H) umber.
Question Author
Thank you all for your help
Humber car, Humber river, sounds like Umber bird.
Won't be humber or umber if all answers seems to have a j in

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