Shrink Back From Band In Church

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Dummyfluter | 08:25 Thu 23rd Dec 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Shrink back from band in church


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Ring (band ) inside CE ( church )
go with that, shame that satprof hasn't posted it.
then we could all have had a go....
Posting the question and then giving the answer? The fun element, attempting to solve, has gone!
Nacw, indeed
Question Author
Sorry Emmie
I did check , as always , for Satprof’s post but to no avail .
he hasn't posted yet, sometimes he's late...
Thanks, Emmie.

I've done half of the crossword in my paper. Maybe I should just post the clues and answers, even though no-one has has asked for help...
i only do the alphapuzzle or try... lol
dummyfluter, perhaps if you post the clue next time and wait for us eager beavers to have a bash at solving it, makes sense - no....
Never mind mouseymick may be along shortly to give a more-or-less full solution (unasked of course!).
of course dave.... satprof sometimes posts early, perhaps he hasn't been able to get the paper.
Question Author
Mouseymick provides a useful service for those who sometimes may experience difficulty in placing the answer within the puzzle .
anyway, its done now, so onto tomorrow...
Cringe .. 4,2,7,22,8,3 .. Q is 1 and Z is 14. Sorry if I upset Davebro but no one is asked for an input here, all the regulars volunteer. I just aim to help those who may be stuck getting started - anyone can ignore my input if they wish. If everyone feels the same way as you please let me know and I’ll stop posting …(:
Question Author
Mouseymick - please keep up the good work - your input is invaluable to those who have difficulty placing the answer in the correct position on the grid
I will second what Dummyfluter says!

I don't do the alphapuzzle but if I did I would appreciate any help to get started if I couldn't do it by myself. You are doing a service for some members of this site, that look for your input. If other members don't like what you do, they don't have to read the thread, so ignore them!
Thank you … your comments are much appreciated:)

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Shrink Back From Band In Church

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