Open Arms Malawi - Letter To Africa - Closing Date April 2022

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JJ109 | 15:16 Tue 21st Dec 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I came across this quiz by fluke when I was looking for something else. Can someone that knows what they are doing please add it to the monthly round-up! The details are on the question sheet.

Now I know it is 4 months before closing but I am stuck on 2 and want to put it down. If you want to do this quiz and not have it spoiled for you then please do not scroll down to the answer section.

10. Perfect hairstyle to the west here (ends in "IA")
94.Cat takes a course at university port (ends in either T or U)

No number of letters are given but these two are both one word answers. The answers have something to do with the continent of Africa.

Many thanks


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Mog a dish u
16:12 Tue 21st Dec 2021
Question Author
Just got 10 so only number 94 to get!
Question Author
Just got 94 - wish I hadn't put this up now!
Mog a dish u
Lol!! Well i enjoyed it :)
Question Author
That was what I got also

Thanks chelle
Before adding it to the monthly round-up. The setter should be contacted to make sure he is happy for the quiz to be advertised on a question and answer website.
10. Nubia
94. Mogadishu
Can you explain why Nubia is the answer please!! I can't fathom it.
Bun reversed and ai (excellent) also reversed
That should A1 reversed
Hairstyle = BUN
Perfect = A1, reverse them
Ah...thank you.

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Open Arms Malawi - Letter To Africa - Closing Date April 2022

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