Hammond Tv And Radio Quiz. C/D 15Th January

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mrsmaggot | 15:24 Sun 12th Dec 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I am at the last 4 so it’s ‘fitting in time’. Help required please!
65) send
68)The amateur theatre tune, it could even be posh
79) There is no point to having happiness
101) With hindsight ,I spy a boxer’s physician
Answers I’m left with are:-
Bondi vet
Last word
Love joy
The repair shop
I did wonder if 65) send = the last word (as when you send an e mail)and
101) was Bondi vet ( because boxer is a dog but don’t get the hindsight bit.)
No idea for the other two so wonder if I’ve got some I’ve done wrong?
Thanks in advance for any help


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79 Lovejoy nopoint in tennis is love
101 Bondi Vet (I bond - spy - in hindsight/reversed)
68 The repair shop Rep air
More clearly amateur theatre = rep
Tune is air
Posh anag shop
65 loose Ends (anagram send = ends)
Last Word is clue 108
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Thank you all very much.

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Hammond Tv And Radio Quiz. C/D 15Th January

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