Hitchin Rotary Club C/D 10Th Jan World Of Colour

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Peasblossom | 18:19 Thu 09th Dec 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Could really do with some help with the following as I'm going away next week and won't be back till end of december.

44 State of mind at the end of spectrum, wrote the Duke (4,6)
45 It may be beautiful, but blue (6)
55 Ladybird fodder, one hopes (8)
56 Unofficial truncheon, or pontoon (9)
61 It seasons and thickens and adds a colour (5)
64 Sounds like a refused haha ,(8)

Any help gratefully appreciated


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44 Mood indigo
45 Danube
55 Greenfly
56 Blackjack
64 redditch?
61 Is screaming out to be Bisto :-)
Question Author
Thank you Mamyalynne, bookbinder, and mallyh.
Mamyalynne I thought about Bisto, gravy or brown for 61
61. Cream ???
great answer the Winner x
cheers mallyh
It's a good answer as, of course it is a colour - just slightly dubious about 'seasons'.

Still, we have time to decide, I'll probably go with my first instinct.
Question Author
Thank you Mamyalynne and TheWinner
Although not a strict Acronym. Bisto,Browns Seasons and Thickens in One.Got asked this in a Pub Quiz once.
64 I recently answered "sounds like a rufus haha" (8) as Redditch.

Shoud it be Rufus rather than refused?
If it is "refused" then please let us know and I for one, will have another think!

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Hitchin Rotary Club C/D 10Th Jan World Of Colour

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