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emperor | 17:21 Wed 08th Dec 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
17 Answers
Answers are edibles from everywhere.

28. Firm's away day? (6)
84. Wizard vocal group sizzles (7)


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84. Chorizo anagram of wizard=Oz and vocal group = choir
17:42 Wed 08th Dec 2021
28. Cookie co = company/firm okie sounds like hookey
Wizard = sage
Sausage = sizzles
84. Chorizo anagram of wizard=Oz and vocal group = choir
Well done Winner , I copied and pasted from a previous question
Question Author
Thanks Winner for 84. Perfect answer.

Still looking for inspiration on 28!
I've answered 28 for you ^^^
Question Author
Thanks for that.
28 Junket ?
Co stands for company
and the ookie sounds like hookey i.e. absent without permission.

The winner - I understood your answer, but was doubtful that it was correct. Again I am not sure about junket, either, but have given it as an alternative.
That is absolutely fine jj109! meanwhile can you parse junket?

an extravagant trip or celebration, in particular one enjoyed by a government official at public expense.
"the latest row over city council junkets"

a dish of sweetened and flavoured curds of milk.
"a plate of junket"
there you go then, two answers to choose from. It won't be the first time!
Junket - double definition

Going on a party or trip at the company's expense (usually at the public's expense but can be extended to the company's expense)
Curds or milk served usually with fruit

1. milk sweetened, flavored, and thickened into curd with rennet
2. a feast or picnic
3. a pleasure trip
4. US
an excursion, as by a public official, paid for out of public funds
5. to go on a junket or excursion, esp. one paid for out of public funds
6. to entertain at a feast
all answers are only offers, and we are all only trying to help.
Question Author
Thanks Winner and jj109 for all your thoughts.
I have also been wondering about Picnic, as in company picnic etc. All food for thought but so far lacking that light bulb moment. I really appreciate the effort though.
Question Author
Thanks to all three. Winner, jj109 and Mamalynne for so much help.
I think that JUNKET has to be the best fit.
I have another query but I'll set that as a new entry to avoid confusion. Best wishes

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