Can I Get Telegraph Corsswords On Line Please.

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Anneyelland | 22:05 Sun 05th Dec 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Does anyone knoe if it s possible to get the Saturday Telegraph crossword and the Herculis on Monday - online. I don't read the whole paper and frankly don't like the waste of paper (and money. I'd be happy to subscribe to those two and Brain games at the end of each month. So far I have been unable to find a way of doing this. Anyone know please ? I would also find it so much easier to read as well.
Thanks for any suggestions.


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You can subscribe to just the crosswords if you want; you get them all - cryptic, quick, GK, Toughie, etc. (You don't get Sundays' though).
Oh, or you can get ONE crossword free every day if that's all you want.
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I'll have a go then if you think- would I be able to enter them as usual though? THanks
Annie, most of them are online entries except for Herculis and the Saturday Giant crossword.
yes, so long as you have a printer to print them off . . .
Herculis is on line danny
Ael, herculis has to be printed off.You can't enter it on line.
i print mine off and enter on line?
How do you enter on line?
by email, following the instructions on the crossword
AEl, when I said online I meant doing the crossword on line without having to print it off as with the weekly and monthly prize puzzes.
ok danny, we're talking at cross purposes :-)

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Can I Get Telegraph Corsswords On Line Please.

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