Action For Children C/D 19Th Nan

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grumpy01 | 22:57 Mon 29th Nov 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Anyone help with Q7) Looks like a V over 25.
Also can someone confirm Q8 answer is Uri.
Q41 What is the connection:
Pale Owl,Need,The Chart,Libra.TIA.
Happy to help with other answers.


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19th Jan.
q41. anagrams of British prime ministers.
Question Author
Thank you The Winner
7 can you put a picture of this on here please
Question Author
Not sure how Mally and it isn’t that clear anyway.
is there a theme
Question Author
All boys names.Ditloid clues.
If it is something like that it could be VICTOR
V for victory minus 25th letter (y)
yes that works if it is v with a line(minus) 25
No7. Mine looks like an ant, on 25 =y'. So i've put Antony.

Can you help with No8 please
Gravestone (RIP) B and Y crossed out and a 9 (presumably i)
Thank you
Max (by)Grave
forget that it doesn't explain the 9
bury minus b y and 9th letter of alphabet ....uri
I've assumed the stone is a tomb stone for no 8 so cross off the b and you get"tom" and add the 9th letter "i" making Tommy-or maybe thats too cryptic, what do you think?
Thanks for the ideas. Think I will go with Uri, (obscure name)
Think there are too many variations for Tomi!!!
OK just didn't think the rest of the boys names on the list were that obscure.
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Thanks for answers I think I’ll go with Victor and I’m more inclined to Uri.
Sorry grumpy defiantly an ant on top of 25 not a v
Question Author
Bows 13.Just got the magnifying glass on the subject and can see what it is now i.e. Antony.Thanks for your insistence.

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Action For Children C/D 19Th Nan

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